My Ramadan Journal


‘My Perfect Ramadan Journal’ is a journal that your child will cherish in Ramadan, inshaAllah, and continue to benefit from it beyond the blessed month.

Best efforts have been made to simplify advance concepts of Islam. Similarly, use of simple language has been made so that young readers find it easy to comprehend the content. Although the reading and comprehension capabilities varies from child to child, this journal can be benefited by children as young as six years old with a little help from parents. It is encouraged that the parents get involved with their children during the ‘journal time’ to make the most of it and to create beautiful memories. Your child may need your help to keep track of the Ramadan calendar, to-do good deeds list, and other activities in the journal.

May Allah accept the efforts of all those who contributed in the making of this journal and make it beneficial for the children. Ameen.

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