What is Ihsan?

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Ulama are well aware that one of the meanings oflhsan is Ikhlas. All our Deeni activities and services should be done for the pleasure of Allah Ta’ ala. Any action that is carried out with Ikhlas for the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala becomes a means of barakah, honor, acceptance and advancement.

Author: Shaikhul-Hadith Hazrat Mufti Raza-ul-Haq
Translation and Urdu: Maulana Mustafa Kamil Nazeer
Compiled & Published by: Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre
Email: disc@darulihsan.com
Website: www.darulihsan.com
First Edition: Ramadan 1443 / April 2022
PDF version available online at www.darulihsan.com

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